In talks for years, the reformation of the Sexion Assault is deadlocked. This is what Master Gims reveals in an interview with Konbini and on Instagram, where he points to the attitude of the group’s producer, Dawala. Look !

Gim the return of the Assault Sexion blocked by the producer

Will be done, will not be done again? For years, rap fans have been desperate to witness the return of theSexion D’Assaut , the most popular group of the 2010s. All seers, however, seem to be green. (Master) Gims and Black M, who have seen their solo careers explode, and other members like Lefa, Barack Adama or Maska are all starters to write this new chapter. The third album of the band, after “The school of the vital points” (2010) and “The climax” (2012), is already ready and has a title: “The return of the kings” . The band even sealed his reunion for the great concert of Gims at the Stade de France (without Black M, on stage that night). In front of a public in boiling, Sexion D’Assaut blew a wind of nostalgia by resuming its tubes “My direction” and “Sorry”. But then, why the reformation of the band is waiting? To believe the interpreter of “Bella” , only one man is to blame: Dawala, their former producer and the boss of the label Wati B.

“There is someone who does not want it to happen”

In an interview with Konbini , Gims unveils the tensions surrounding this project, which he hopes will someday be realized. In the face of rumors, after having been silent for a long time on the subject, the latter thinks it is time for him to give his version of the facts. ” I always avoided this subject, but today I speak about it, because there are more solutions. We all want to do this project, it’s beautiful, but there is someone who does not want it to be done (..) We’re all stuck “says the singer in dark glasses. Before explaining his words: “I hope a return, the group hopes a return, but it depends more on the group. It depends on the former producer Dawala, who attacks everyone, who puts a spoke in the wheel, for his personal interests I think . The former leader of the group calls on the public, he invites to mobilize to change the view of the producer: ” All fans of the Sexion, I invite you to send messages to Dawala because it is the only who is against this project. Because for him, he does not find his interest financially .

Following the release of this interview, Gims continued his explanations on his Instagram account, in story. ” You have the right to know the truth, I saw your feedback on Konbini’s interview, the truth is finally out. It was Dawala who always blocked this project and who wanted to make me wear the hat for years, who rose against each other. I feel so good that the truth is finally unveiled, “writes the tube maker. He does not understand the attitude of his former producer, who holds the rights to the band’s new songs, in this case: “I am overwhelmed, I can not understand where the problem is. You will be the owner of the return of the kings, the master, everything. I do not ask you in advance, I ask you nothing, I will not overwhelm you, there are no conditions, I do it for free. I will earn money naturally with what I have to win. If it’s a money story, you’ll win, you’ll win millions. I do it for history .

“I can not do anything”

The one who currently shares the song “Stay” with Sting says that the communication with Dawala is broken, and that their discussions are done today through their lawyers. ” Hundreds of thousands of euros have been spent in this case with the lawyers, while it could have worked out differently (…) The fact that I’m not at Wati-B is a concern for him, as soon as one wanted to negotiate contracts, it was a problem. He wanted us to stay as in 2010, that we touch the same things, it’s incredible. I resigned, it is he who caused my resignation “. If the tension between the two men is palpable, Gims does not question the role thatAssault Sexion : ” I am grateful and aware of how lucky I am and I do not regret anything. Dawala has contributed to everything that happened, he believed in us, in me, I am aware and grateful, but that does not mean that he belongs to him (…) It is shame what’s going on, because he’s really a good guy, maybe he’s been overwhelmed by all that. We have all been overwhelmed by success, money “. For him, fans of Sexion D’Assaut are the only ones who can intervene. ” You decide whether or not to leave this project, because I can not do anything, ” he concludes, asking them to meet under the hashtag #LibererSexionDassaut.

Gims Interview Clip Below.