On her 27th album “Courage”, Celine Dion is rebuilt after the death of René Angelil. From her new life to her love for France, the Canadian star confided to the Parisian on this new record. A new chapter opens for the diva.

Celine Dion: her new album

Since Friday, Celine Dion has returned to give “Courage” . Of the 16 (or 20) songs that make up her 27th album, the Canadian star has mixed intimate ballads and up-tempos more powerful to evoke between the lines the loss of her husband René Angelil in 2016 , and its reconstruction since. A renaissance that goes even into the name of the hotel where the singer decided to receive some journalists including Le Parisien . ” I’m sure he’s with us. When I put my hand on a magazine or a book, I very often fall on the word courage, “she explains. And this “Courage”, it gives as well its name to the album as to one of his new piecesin which she hopes this feeling will not let her down: ” It represents the tragedies and hard times the world is going through. Everywhere people are losing loved ones, children are fighting for their lives, courage is very powerful … And courage is the drama that I, my children and my family have lived at the departure of René .

“René is always with me”

Still in mourning, Celine Dion affirms nevertheless that René ” will never leave “: ” It is part of me, it is always with me, all the time, and I see it through my children (…) Even if it has was difficult to see my husband go, it was even more difficult to see him suffer. For me and my children. Three years of agony, I do not wish that to anyone. I do not want anyone to believe that René was bridling Céline: I was, I am and I will always be her favorite singer . ” Now the interpreter of “Imperfections” knows that she must be an exemplary mother: “I did not think I was so strong. It is truly a beautiful gift that life has given me, to be a mother. And I want to show my children that they have courage, like their father and their mother . ”

“It’s like I’m starting a new chapter in my life”

At the same time, this disappearance allowed him to change, to give himself a new impetus and a new life. ” I discover myself, I feel younger, more liberated, I allow myself to do things, I want to explore “. admits the diva. Desires elsewhere, as evidenced by nearly 675 models that she would have received for this new album: ” Life goes on. It’s like my life is a book and I’m starting a new chapter. It’s amazing how the song writers have been close to who I am and feel. They brought me new fragrance essences . David Guetta, Sia, Sam Smith, LP, Lauv or Steve Aoki are among the artists credited on the project. This is the first time the star has opened up so many collaborations on a disc: ” The only goal is to have fun, to find emotions, to discover new ones and to be proud of (…) Some songs will get me there, hurt me a little, but it’s love, that. Like “Courage” (…) But there are also gay songs, because I am a super happy girl. My husband is no longer suffering and I am able to stand on my own feet: “Flying on my own” .

New proposals that should appeal to audiences around the world. According to preliminary estimates, Celine Dion could enter the top spot of the American and French charts, especially after having sold 250,000 tickets in 1:30 for its seven French concerts . A proof of love that always surprises the interpreter of “For you still love me” : “Industry, music, everything has changed, but what has not changed is humanity. With people, I think we really love each other. And that is priceless. So, let’s go see you, sing for you, especially with you. In France, I do not feel just loved and supported, you sing with me! And I love that. I’m on tour, I’m super happy. Being stable, like at Caesar’s Palace, it’s good, but going around the world is another energy, it’s more rock’n’roll .